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Valuables Insurance

It’s never been easier to protect the electronics, jewelry, instruments or equipment you love!

Valuables Insurance Agents

Maranto Agency, Inc. partners with Traverse, powered by Travelers, to offer affordable insurance for your valuables. Whether you’re looking for protection above and beyond your homeowners insurance or want comprehensive coverage without a deductible for your cell phone, you can build a plan that works for you.

Cell Phones
Personal Electronics
Musical Instruments
Sporting Equipment
Cameras and Equipment

Protect the Things You Love

Forget about paying out of pocket to fix shattered screens, replace lost smart watches or recover stolen bikes. No matter what you love, from guitars to purses to golf clubs, you can protect it with an ancillary insurance plan.

When you sign up for coverage from Traverse, you’re protected against damage, loss and theft of your favorite electronics and equipment.

Customize Your Coverage

You don’t need to be a client of Maranto Agency, Inc. to protect your valuables with Traverse. Simply select which items you want covered, whether it’s your favorite jewelry or your family’s cell phones. Choose the phones, electronics, equipment and jewelry you’re protecting, along with the amount of coverage you need, for a customized insurance plan.

It only takes a few minutes to protect the things you love with up to $5,000 of coverage and absolutely zero deductible. With a single plan, every family member you live with is protected too. These comprehensive valuables insurance plans start at just a few dollars a month!

Let Us Find the Right Insurance for You

Our partnerships with over 20 reputable insurance companies gives you access to the best companies and the best rates.