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Defensive Driving Course

Completing an online defensive driving course helps you save on auto insurance.

Get Started

An online defensive driving course from Empire Safety Council is a convenient, affordable way to refresh your defensive driving skills. The program allows you to log in and pick up where you left off at any time so you can take your time with each lesson. You receive a certificate of completion after reviewing all of the sessions available online. Completing this course reduces your auto insurance rate and may remove points from your license.

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To register for this online course:

1. Go to Empire Safety Council
  • Click Here
2. Click the box on the left side that says “Click Here to Register!”
3. Review the page and type “I Agree” into the box.
4. Click “Go to Registration.”
5. Fill in all of your information, including the promo code CYP.
6. Click “Register.”

Reduce Insurance Rates

Completing the online course qualifies you for a discount on your auto and motorcycle insurance policies. You may receive a discount of up to 10% on your collision premiums for three years. A discount of up to 10% on your liability premiums (including property damage, bodily injury and personal injury protection) will be applied for three years after completing the course as well.

Reduce Driver Record Points

After receiving your certificate of completion, up to four points incurred during the last 18 months will automatically be removed from your driver record. Removing points with a defensive driving course could help you avoid having your license suspended.

Your reduced points remain on your record but are not considered by the DMV in determining administrative actions against license. Point reduction doesn’t cancel mandatory suspensions or revocation. It also doesn’t overturn any action already taken against your driving privileges.

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